Meet Marina,

1 of our Sales Support Officers

What do you do at Cheops?

As a Sales Support Officer I work on the inside sales team. We talk directly to customers, account managers and suppliers. This is a very varied role. It involves drawing up quotes and offering administrative support, as well as acting in an advisory capacity. We are a one-stop shop for IT infrastructure for our customers. For example, when a customer needs to order laptops, they call me. Sales support then searches for the solution that is the best match for the customer’s need or request. Everyone has their own specific specialisation on our team. I'm responsible for everything around being a Modern Workplace.

What are the qualities you need in your job?

You need to have a solution-oriented mindset, tailoring your solution to each customer. Every customer is different. Our role is to offer the right advice. Sometimes we even offer custom configurations of a laptop. The current equipment shortages can be quite challenging because you need to come up with a solution, nonetheless. You need to be sure of what you're doing, and be comfortable communicating with customers, even when you’re the bringer of bad news. Finally, you need to be willing to follow further training to keep up to date with the latest advances in IT: take courses, learn new skills, etc.

How did you find out about Cheops?

I have a bachelor’s in marketing, majoring in sales. After my first job experiences, I decided that I was interested in a sales position in IT. I found out about Cheops through LinkedIn. I thought, IT could be fun, you never stop learning and it’s a job with a lot of variety, so I applied. The minute I set foot in Cheops, I knew that I had found a professional, well-organised company.

Why did you choose Cheops?

To be honest, I felt somewhat intimidated during the first interview because I didn’t have that much IT experience to offer. But once the interview was done, I knew that it would work out. During the interview – which, to be honest, felt more like a nice conversation – they immediately reassured me. Instead of focusing on what I knew, the emphasis was on me, as a person. I left feeling confident that I would learn everything I needed to know on the job. And I was right. When I started, they explained everything to me, so I had a clear idea of what was expected. I like the fact that you learn something new every day here. I enjoy the variety and it also makes my job more interesting.

What are your ambitions?

I have various career opportunities: I can move into Account Management or Service Delivery. What I like about Cheops is that they give you the opportunity to grow as a person. I’ve drawn up a five-year plan with my Talent Manager and am following relevant training courses, in line with my objectives.

What does "Champion" mean to you? How do you help to raise the bar, both for Cheops and your customers?

A few years ago, I started to work out. Initially this was online, with YouTube videos, but after a while, I decided to join a gym. I like power training, and enjoy raising the bar, as it gives me a lot of satisfaction. Professionally, I raise the bar by always suggesting good solutions. I make sure that the customer has the right IT equipment so that they can get on with their work and boost their performance. Without me, the customer may run into problems because they don’t have the correct equipment, which, in turn, impacts the service they offer to their clients.