IT Strategy

IT Strategy

Your ideal IT roadmap outlined

Do you want to make a leap in maturity with your IT? You can come to Cheops for an in-depth assessment, followed by specific advice and a realistic roadmap of the ideal path you can take with your IT. You then decide for yourself at what pace to proceed with this plan and convert it into the implementation of IT projects without financial barriers.

Your benefits

  • Screening and advice at all corporate levels
  • Realistic IT roadmap with long-term vision
  • Implementation of concrete IT projects at your own pace
  • Focus on optimizations according to your budget and business

A roadmap may involve different levels and aspects of your organisation. Are you looking for advice to optimise your IT environment or do you want to evolve towards a completely new approach, such as a gradual migration to the cloud? What new infrastructure do you need and what support services would this require? What do you want to focus on with your own IT organisation?

Action plan

The first step in drawing up your IT roadmap is assessing the existing situation. This gives you a complete overview of your IT environment and the aspects you can optimise. Here, the focus is on the elements that could make all the difference to your business.

We then translate your specific business needs into a number of important business drivers: business continuity, cost efficiency, quality, security and compliance. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is also examined to see if optimisations are possible within your budget and the focus of your own IT organisation.

Finally, together we look at whether you have sufficient expertise in-house to implement the roadmap and at what pace you can proceed with this plan and convert it into the implementation of IT projects, taking into account your budget and your priorities.

Tailored to your budget

Our financial solutions also ensure that you can accelerate your IT projects when the need arises and not only when your budget allows for it. By switching to an 'as a service' model, you can improve your cash flow and always have the latest IT infrastructure and technology.

IT Strategy

Possible assessments

  • Service Readiness Assessment: thorough analysis that maps the total service provision and its efficiency and checks this against the Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: thorough analysis to determine to what extent your existing IT architecture can be transferred to the cloud.
  • Security Readiness Assessment: from antivirus, encryption, anti-malware and patching for end-user devices, password procedures and authentication to firewalls, anti-spam and security updates.
  • Service Desk Optimisation: aligning people, tools and processes to solve IT problems quickly and properly for greater employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Virtual CIO: ideal for companies that do not have a fully-fledged IT department themselves and would like help in working out the long-term vision of their IT roadmap.

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