Meet Kristof,

one of our Project Managers

What do you do at Cheops?

I work on project coordination, from start to delivery. This could involve, for example, a server installation on-site, a cloud project or a network project. As a Project Manager I am the central point of contact for both the customers and the engineers, and I guide the customer to the best solution through joint consultations.

What are the qualities needed in your job?

It is important that you have a solid basic knowledge. You have to be able to see things in their proper context. You must also be able to understand the wishes and needs of the customer from their point of view. In addition, you need the ability to communicate in a clear and understandable way, next to being precise and punctual at work. Resistance to stress is also vital, as you may have many projects running at the same time and that can be overwhelming. Then it's a matter of keeping a cool head.

What is your personal ambition?

I have a real passion for equestrian sport. In equestrian sport too, you have to be able to keep a cool head. If you take part in a competition, then all eyes are on you. In those 2 minutes everything depends on your skills, your concentration and the art of staying calm.

What are your ambitions at Cheops?

This is the first time in my career that I have the role of Project Manager. Previously I had more of an implementation role. My ambition today is primarily to become even better at taking care of the responsibilities that are specific to a Project Manager. Cheops is a growing company, and there are more and more interesting projects that I can work on. There is more than enough challenge here.

Why did you choose Cheops?

My first introduction to Cheops was during an internship that I did in my bachelor's course. I received a great welcome here and immediately matched with the company. Afterwards I went on to study for a master’s degree as an engineer in industrial sciences and ICT. I then started working at a large multinational. As a result of increasingly encountering Cheops in the media as an ambitious company, I felt I should take my career in a new direction and I made contact again. We still matched.