Meet Kris,

one of our Network Engineers

What do you do at Cheops?

As a Network Engineer I am part of the network team for one of our customers. Cheops manages the customer's entire computer network. I represent Cheops in Germany, at the headquarters of a leader in polymer solutions. This assignment will take about a year, and then I will start on the next project.

What are the qualities needed in your job?

There are many different projects, which is great if you like variety. In my job, it is important to remain focused and pay attention to details. If you take over 100 switches, it is important that you are precise, because one small error can have a big impact. Consider things carefully and in particular don't make hasty decisions. In addition, it is important to enjoy collaborating with colleagues, so that you can offer each other extra support and achieve even better results. As a final point, you must have confidence in yourself and radiate that confidence.

What is your personal ambition?

I grew up with a passion for flying and I fly a light aircraft: one of my uncles is a former F-16 pilot and my father is an aviation historian. So at family celebrations we turn our gaze upwards if a plane passes overhead. With flying, just like in my job, you must always be alert and remain attentive. The most difficult part of a flight is the landing. Pay attention, remain calm, consider things carefully, don't panic. And radiate confidence, without being too self-confident.

What are your ambitions at Cheops?

At Cheops, I first want to build up more experience, become even better in my current job. In networking, things evolve very quickly. To continue keeping pace with this evolution and to become an even better domain expert in a rapidly changing world, that is my ambition.

Why did you choose Cheops?

I was looking for more variety after my previous job. I then applied at Cheops and the corporate culture really appealed to me. Especially the vibe running through the company. I was challenged and that was just what was missing in my previous job.