Meet Charline,

Our Team Lead Sales Support

What do you do at Cheops?

As a Team Lead Sales Support, I help customers to support their products in the best possible way. Customers come to our team, for example, with questions about the purchase of hardware, software and licences. We give advice and work with the customers to find the most appropriate solution for them.

What are the qualities you need in your job?

The big challenge in this job is that a lot of things come in at the same time. So it is important to be able to set priorities and ensure that you bring everything to a successful conclusion. You have to be particularly customer-oriented, as well as have strong administrative skills and the ability to multitask. And, of course, have an affinity for IT. I have always been interested in IT.

How did you find out about Cheops?

My career is a bit atypical. I trained as a secondary school teacher, but I never taught in a classroom. I ended up in IT through my work as a training manager. I gave courses on software packages and in the end I stayed in the sector. At one point, I saw the vacancy for Team Lead at Cheops and it really appealed to me. So I decided to apply and we clicked immediately.

Why did you choose Cheops?

Cheops is a company with a clear vision and plan, which is important to me. I also really enjoy working in a managerial position. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot and I have also grown in my job. I am ultimately responsible for my team and at the same time I retain an executive role, which keeps me in touch with day-to-day operations. This variety ensures that you stay motivated and keep learning.

What are your ambitions?

We are a very service-oriented company. My challenges lie in the implementation of a new ERP package and in working in an even more customer-oriented way by also visiting customers on-site. This allows us to further engage in dialogue and optimise our collaboration even more.

What does “agile” mean to you?

Cheops is a company that is constantly responding to changes in the market, keeps reinventing itself and is preparing itself for the future. In our job, we always try to give the best of ourselves and to be the best version of our team. This means being prepared to question yourself and always be willing to improve.