Meet Atan,

one of our Support Engineers

What do you do at Cheops?

As a consultant at Cheops, I work at one of our customers’ sites in a support role. Currently I provide support for end users – mainly desktop support, deployments and everything related to teleworking.


What are the qualities you need in your job?

It is important to be able to easily adapt to the processes of the company where you work. Also show commitment, respond to the wishes of the customer and help improve the company. This also means a lot of personal input, thinking proactively about solutions. What’s more, it is very important to be willing to keep up to date with changes, as IT and technology never stand still. I did a network management course and I am constantly expanding the knowledge I have acquired. It is difficult in the beginning, but it speeds up once you can link things together.

How did you find out about Cheops?

Through a friend of mine who was working at Cheops and advised me to apply as well. I had already heard of Cheops, mainly because of the Cheops cars that I regularly came across.

Why did you choose Cheops?

To start with, the contact during my interview was very pleasant. Cheops is mostly concerned with who you are: do we see you as a person fitting into Cheops, is this something for you? The communication is also very open, clear and personal. Everyone is approachable. You have many opportunities to learn, which is really important in our sector. And a lot of fun activities are organised to maintain the bonds with each other and the company.

What are your ambitions?

I would like to continue working as a consultant so that I can learn more about the IT world. Later on, I want to become a System Administrator. At the moment, I am still assessing what interests me most, because both systems and networks appeal to me greatly.


What does “master” mean to you?

As in the martial arts of the East, a master is someone who exercises control and is thoughtful and who conveys their knowledge to others. I believe it’s important to never stop learning. IT is something where you have to understand both the details and the whole picture. If you delve into one aspect, this almost automatically gives you more knowledge and insight into other aspects of IT. So I would like to be able to see and understand the mechanics behind everything, because this gives me enormous satisfaction.