Your servers deserve the best possible care

Need advice about your server infrastructure? Cheops helps you to correctly assess how critical each component of your IT environment is and what your ambitions are as a company.

Your benefits

  • Server environment tailored to your business
  • Strategic advice, implementation and management
  • Choice between on-premise and off-premise
  • Integration and management via the Cheops Cloud

The ideal server environment

A good analysis of your existing server environment is very important. Based on this starting point, we design your ideal server environment that guarantees higher availability, offers more continuity and costs less overall.

Your own servers or not?

It is often worthwhile to no longer invest in your own servers but to switch to a server environment via the cloud. If you still have your own hardware, then you also have to decide whether you want to host those systems in your own data center or whether you prefer to host them in an extra secure location such as the Cheops data center.

Most companies work with a combination of the various possibilities. Cheops can perfectly connect your own infrastructure to the public cloud and manage everything for you within the Cheops Cloud.

A strategic approach is important

We always look beyond technology and think along with you in function of your business. This way, IT remains not only a much-needed supportive tool, but also a springboard for your business. Read more about our approach to strengthen your business.

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