Cheops Cloud

Cheops Cloud

Safe and secure in the Cheops Cloud

In the Cheops Cloud you are assured of perfect security, maximum continuity and an IT infrastructure that offers you everything you need at all times. The Cheops data centers are located in Belgium and ensure that you are in compliance with the GDPR.

Your benefits

  • Combination of cloud infrastructure and managed services
  • Integration with private cloud and public cloud
  • Maximum security and continuity
  • Management by external experts

Why the Cheops Cloud?

With the Cheops Cloud you choose a complete solution: not only a high-end cloud infrastructure, but also managed services and connections with the public cloud and your private cloud. We manage your data within that integrated environment, and you can be sure that everything is constantly accessible.

Belgian datacenters

The physical IT infrastructure of the Cheops Cloud runs in highly secure data centers in Belgium. This means you never have to wonder where your data is and how it is stored and protected. In the Cheops data centers you also have the choice between a ‘shared’ server infrastructure and your own ‘dedicated’ infrastructure (colocation).

Integration with private and public cloud

Do you want to continue to work partly with on-premise systems? That is perfectly possible. In that case, Cheops ensures a seamless connection with the Cheops Cloud. Thus, it no longer matters where your data is stored: everything works equally well, and also backup and continuity are guaranteed. The same applies to the public cloud. Are you working with Microsoft Azure or are you using Office 365? Even then, Cheops ensures the integration into the Cheops Cloud for you. This way you have a direct line to your data for your entire IT environment.

Managed Services

Cheops is the central point of contact for you where you can always go with IT questions. We have all IT specialists in-house to constantly monitor and optimise your cloud environment. Problems are solved immediately and every quarter we visit you for a service review. This way your IT will always continue to perform at top level and evolve with your business. The Managed Services from Cheops therefore take your entire IT environment and support to a higher level.

Case Study c-Quilibrium

With AI and the Cheops Cloud, c-Quilibrium ensures cash
in your ATM.

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