Case study: With AI and the
Cheops Cloud, c-Quilibrium
ensures cash in your ATM

c-Quilibrium automates the entire process of ordering, distributing and transporting cash for banks. The service is based on a self-developed software platform, built using artificial intelligence, which runs in the Cheops Cloud. Because c-Quilibrium delivers the software to customers through the cloud, it can focus on continuous innovation and the banks have immediate access to new functionalities.

“Refilling cash machines is very complex and expensive,” says Steven Hackars, Product Director at c-Quilibrium. “That’s precisely why we have to work as efficiently as possible in our customers’ best interest – the banks, that is. We do this with the help of the artificial intelligence that is built into our software. What’s more, we are a pioneer in the field of AI and forecasting. For example, the system predicts how much cash is needed at a specified time, based on all kinds of parameters. The software and services of c-Quilibrium have been continually expanded over the years with ordering options, logistic planning and approval procedures. The system is also linked to the systems of third parties, such as logistic service providers and national banks.”

From sluggish and local to efficient and flexible in the cloud

“Because we are continually developing our software, we want our customers to be able to use our new functionalities and optimisations faster,” says Steven Hackars. “That’s why our technology now runs in the Cheops data centres, where we can rely on the maximum security and continuity of the Cheops Cloud. They manage all the infrastructure for us, so that we save time which we can invest in our customers. We need a lot of servers and storage space and Cheops can provide this in a flexible way. This way we don’t have to worry about capacity – it grows with us as needed, while we just pay for what we use.”

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