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Higher productivity thanks to a high-performance
and secure network.

Want to prevent your staff and your operations from being affected by a network that's too slow? Cheops can monitor the security and performance of your network remotely and resolve problems quickly.

Detecting the cause of network problems

Network problems? Usually the complaints are about a network that's too slow. Many companies find it extremely difficult to trace the specific cause of this slow performance. Is there a virus affecting the network? Does processing spam take up an unnecessarily large amount of bandwidth? Is there a switch that is underperforming? Is backup or storage having too great an impact? Cheops uncovers the cause of the slow network and provides a lasting solution.

A fast network is important for employee satisfaction

The speed and security of your network have a big influence on the productivity and satisfaction of your staff. The continuity of your business also depends on a well-functioning network. Moreover, the bar is being set increasingly higher. Does your corporate network still meet the requirements of your employees and your customers, or could and should it be much better?

Managed Services for more speed, security and uptime

To prevent problems and avoid wasting time firefighting, you can fully outsource the management of your network, including security. You can then be sure of having the best monitoring, watertight security, optimal performance and maximum uptime. We block unwanted mail – spam and viruses  – even before they reach your mail server. The latest patches and updates are always immediately installed on your systems. So you never have to worry about your network again and all the attention is focused on developing your business.

Read more about the Managed Services of Cheops.

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