SD-WAN: a fast, flexible and secure network

SD-WAN is the best way to quickly connect different business locations. Thanks to central management, your data traffic runs efficiently and securely.

Your benefits

  • Affordable solution for powerful connectivity
  • Connect new locations fast and flexibly
  • Efficient security
  • Central management of your data traffic

Smart and central management

SD-WAN stands for ‘Software-Defined Wide Area Network’. Software-defined means that the network is managed through separate software that is independent of the network hardware. This makes it easier for you to centrally manage and secure your entire network and the different types of connections. For example, with the intelligent software system you can define which business-critical applications should be given priority in your data traffic.

High-performance, secure and affordable

Your data traffic is under pressure because new applications and technologies consume masses of data. Mobile employees, working from home and cloud applications also represent a major challenge for the security of your network. Do you still have everything under control? With SD-WAN you maintain an overview and everyone works with a high-performance and secure connection to the cloud or to your data centre. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution: the total cost of ownership is much lower than with traditional data connections.

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Flexible and scalable

Thanks to central network management, an SD-WAN also makes it much simpler to expand or even reduce the number of locations in your network. So it is the ideal approach for organisations with many different and temporary sites. Your network will certainly not stop you from starting up new services or locations.

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