Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The security of your own cloud

Do you opt for the private cloud, possibly in combination with a public cloud and Cheops Cloud? We help you make the right choice, including for those applications and data where you want additional security.

Your benefits

  • More control over your data
  • Your own IT infrastructure
  • Choice between on-premise or off-premise
  • Can be combined with managed services

Why private cloud?

Private cloud can be a good solution if you want more control over your data, or if investments in your local IT infrastructure are still ongoing. In any case, with a private cloud you always know exactly on which infrastructure your data are stored. This gives you more certainty about the security and availability of your data.

On-premises versus off-premises

With a private cloud you have a further choice of two options: an on-premises IT environment, where you use hyperconverged infrastructure located in your own server room, or an off-premises setup in the Cheops Cloud. In the latter case, your applications run on your own servers but this physical infrastructure is located in the Cheops data centre, where you enjoy all its benefits in terms of security and redundancy.

Combination with support and services

Want to build in even more security? For example, you can combine an on-premises private cloud with Disaster Recovery as a Service. This means you can always rely on a fall-back solution in the cloud if your local systems fail. Moreover, Cheops can take care of the monitoring and support of your private cloud, wherever the infrastructure is located. You can contact our specialists at any time for advice and services tailored to your needs.

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