Lean and flexible IT infrastructure
as the basis for your hybrid cloud.

Want to switch to a hybrid cloud? Then make sure you also have the ideal local IT infrastructure: hyperconverged infrastructure.

What is hyperconverged infrastructure?

A hyperconverged infrastructure integrates servers, storage and networking into one super-lean standard system that combines and virtualises all the components. As a result, managing the entire IT infrastructure is much more efficient, faster and more budget-friendly. The storage capacity and performance are very easy to expand – investing for future growth becomes unnecessary. A hyperconverged infrastructure is therefore the ideal platform for a hybrid cloud: it can be flexibly adapted to what is needed at the time. In this way, you bring the benefits of the public cloud to your private cloud.

Managing hyperconverged infrastructure

Cheops can help you manage your entire hybrid cloud, including your hyperconverged infrastructure. We can do this efficiently for you through remote monitoring.

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