Our IT & Business Technology Services help increase the adaptability and resilience of your company. This gives your company the agility to better deal with crises and to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

No investments of your own

Our cloud solutions let you use the latest technology without having to invest in the purchase and maintenance yourself. Moreover, you only pay for what you use. And because the Cheops Cloud can serve as a fallback option, you don't have to provide an additional location for disaster recovery and your data are always available.

Safe teleworking

With the right facilities and a good set-up, teleworking becomes a real asset for your company that enables you to safeguard your business continuity. Your employees then no longer depend on the office environment to work.

Great flexibility

Recruiting IT experts and keeping them on board is not easy. It is also impossible to have expertise on every aspect of IT in-house. Since we can plan our resources ourselves, you have much more flexibility to select the right knowledge at all times.

Tailored to your budget

Many companies are accelerating their digital transformation today. Cheops provides an ideal and realistic IT road map. Our financial solutions also ensure that you can accelerate your IT projects when the need arises and not only when your budget allows for it. By switching to an 'as a service' model, you can improve your cash flow and always have the latest IT infrastructure and technology.

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