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Managed Security Awareness

Cyber hero training campaign

Do your employees have what it takes when it comes to IT security? Can you really be sure that they won’t be fooled by a smart phishing attempt or that they won’t open an unsafe attachment? IT users are always the weakest link in your security. Thanks to Cheops’s cyber hero training campaign, you can prepare your employees for cyber attacks.

Your benefits

  • A lower security risk
  • Short online training modules
  • Individual tracks, tailored to users
  • No installation or management required

Train employees to raise awareness of security risks

What is the point of installing an expensive alarm system if you’re going to leave the back door open? If your employees are unaware of IT threats or are unable to identify them, hackers can easily bypass any security solution you’ve put in place.

Personalised anti-phishing training

With Cheops’s Managed Security Awareness, your employees take extensive anti-phishing training. We calculate how susceptible your employees are to phishing and adapt the level of training accordingly.

Our experts use short online videos, mailings, and phishing simulations to help your team navigate the complex landscape of cyber crime. That way, we can achieve bulletproof IT security, along with your employees.

Knowledge is power

The only way to assess performance is with hard data, and our security awareness training is no different. We continually monitor your employees’ risk scores based on their response to our phishing simulations. Your company’s general score is calculated based on these risk scores.

You can also compare your results with those of other companies in your industry to get a better idea of how your security scores compare with your competitors. The icing on the cake? This data also shows how your efforts are paying off. In black and white.

Can your employees recognise a phishing attempt?

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