Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Your data are secure, whatever happens.

Cheops automates the backup of your business data. In this way, everything that your organisation needs to function is stored properly. Whatever happens to you, your data are secure and you can restore them quickly if necessary.

Your benefits

  • Automated backup
  • Important data always available
  • Guaranteed continuity
  • Tailor-made advice and support

Avoid data loss

Could your organisation still function if your business data weren't available? Without important information, for example about your customers, products, orders, stock and invoicing, it is very difficult to remain productive. If these crucial data are temporarily unavailable or even lost, then the costs can very rapidly mount up and the image of your company may be badly damaged.

Automated backup

The backup services of Cheops are ideal for companies with a virtual IT environment. By using automated settings we ensure that there is a local backup of the entire environment at regular intervals, without any effect on the operation of the systems. So users don't experience any inconvenience at all. For even greater security, it is also possible to automatically transfer a copy of all data that has changed to the Cheops data centre on a daily basis.

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Why outsource backup?

By purchasing backup as a service, you can rely on a copy of your data being made at regular intervals and securely stored in ideal conditions – better than if you were to do it yourselves. The main benefits of backup as a service:

The main benefits of backup as a service

  • Peace of mind: your business-critical data are always secure and your backup is managed by experts.
  • Continuity: thanks to fast recovery capabilities, your productivity and uptime continue uninterrupted.
  • Based on your needs: Cheops can provide backup of your physical and/or virtual servers, locally with you, with us in the cloud, or both.
  • Control: use of monitoring and clear reporting means you can be certain that your backup will always run smoothly. You pay a fixed amount per month for the management.

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