Microsoft Teams

Smart collaboration and teleworking

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, allows you to collaborate, work from home and communicate efficiently with colleagues, wherever they are. The online software is a secure and powerful way to facilitate flexible working and to provide a Modern Workplace for your employees.

Your benefits

  • Work and communicate efficiently remotely
  • Meet and collaborate safely and productively
  • More flexibility and productivity
  • Satisfied employees and better customer service

Voice, chat and video conferencing through a single user interface

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for online team work and Unified Communications. This means that all the communication channels are integrated into a single user interface for telephony (previously Skype for Business), real-time chat and videoconferencing. For example, with Microsoft Teams users can start a conversation with a chat message or just as easily with a voice call or video message.

Remote productivity

Remote meetings are perfectly possible with Microsoft Teams. People can also record meetings, share their screens, add comments to PowerPoint presentations or send messages with the built-in chat. As a result, distance no longer presents an obstacle to smooth communication, productivity and efficient collaboration inside or outside the company walls.

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Working together in a Modern Workplace

Your employees themselves no doubt want a Modern Workplace with a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams. It allows them to work more efficiently and to be flexible with their work location and working hours. This benefits their motivation and ultimately your customer service as well.

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