Outsourcing your desktop management: more time for your business

Your end users need well-functioning PCs to manage their tasks. Problems with end-user devices are always frustrating for your staff, lower their productivity and compromise customer service.

Your benefits

  • Always fast and up-to-date devices
  • More time for your customer service and business
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance by external experts
  • Higher employee satisfaction and productivity

Installation, configuration and maintenance

Want to be absolutely sure of perfect monitoring of all end-user devices? Cheops can install, configure and maintain all these devices for you – from desktops and thin clients to mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. In this way, everyone can work with a fast and up-to-date device and all the attention is focused on your customer service and developing your business.

Outsourcing desktop environment as well

Outsource the software side as well? This can be done with Desktop as a Service. Cheops then manages the desktop environment of your employees through the cloud. This allows them to log in to their personal desktop environment on any device.

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