Experts Java & .NET

Cheops boasts specialised knowledge
in terms of the development of applications.

With our Professional Services solution it is our concern to provide properly trained and well-motivated personnel. Below we give details of our IT profiles who are available in the short and long term for the development of your Java and .NET applications.

Cheops has two Competence Centers: Java and .NET. They act as an independent platform where knowledge is acquired and shared and that keeps IT experts up-to-date by organising training courses, seminars and conferences and by sharing practical experience.

Java Consulting

Cheops certified Java consultants combine business insight with software knowledge. This provides your company with maximum added value in the development of web applications, back office applications and systems that support your business processes.


.NET consulting

The driving force behind the .NET Competence Center is a group of  experienced and like-minded consultants. They are able to implement solutions that provide maximum added value for your company within the shortest possible time span.

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