Lease IT instead
of buying?

IT leasing can be an attractive option


Lease IT instead of buying?

IT leasing can be an attractive option


What is the best way for me to finance planned or unexpected IT investments? How can I optimally manage my IT costs? And how can I ensure, with limited resources, that my IT infrastructure is always up-to-date? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, IT leasing could be an attractive option. We give you three reasons to think seriously about leasing your IT.

1. Your IT is no longer a financial concern

An important advantage of leasing is that your financial resources remain optimally available for your core activities. IT expenditure is spread evenly over time, so you don't have to provide for any investment peaks. This gives you a clear insight into the costs, which are moreover lower because you are using a standardised infrastructure. Finally, your IT infrastructure becomes an off-balance item, which improves your company's financial ratios.


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2. You can also lease IT services

Today, IT costs are increasingly seen as operational costs rather than investments. And rightly so, because what is important is the availability rather than the possession of IT. This trend is reinforced by the enormous pressure to innovate and the evolution towards IT-as-a-Service.

Leasing options are constantly adapting to this new reality. Did you know, for example, that besides hardware (such as PCs, servers, printers, storage, etc.) and software (operating systems, applications) you can also lease IT services? Services such as proactive monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure, remotely or in the cloud. Leasing allows you to include all your hardware, software and services transparently in a single financial contract.

3. Your IT environment is up-to-date and easier to manage

When leasing a car, you always drive the latest model. It's exactly the same with IT leasing. You always have the latest technology at your disposal and you don't run the risk of economic obsolescence. You also no longer have to deal with the maintenance and the disposal of obsolete equipment. You only have one invoice per lease term, which you pay via a fixed lease amount per month.

To discover what leasing can do for you, it's best to first have an analysis performed of your technical requirements and wishes and the total investment in hardware, software and services. Once the full scope and term are clear, a leasing contract can be drawn up. Moreover, this can be done quickly and comprehensively, provided you are guided by a reliable and specialised party.

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