IT as a cost or a source of revenue?

It starts with an audit


IT can give you a competitive edge as a company. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be, because if you put your IT environment under the microscope, you will find out what the possible risks are and how much IT is actually costing you. Or, in a perfect world, how much it is earning you. Too many companies do not have a good overview and hence also miss out on the opportunity to use IT to best effect to support their business goals. To say nothing of the consequences when your IT environment lets you down. Take a look at these three reasons why you should seriously consider an IT audit.

Total control over your IT costs

European companies today spend more than 5% of their turnover on IT. So you would expect every business to look carefully at its IT costs and keep them under control. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. Many companies forget that IT costs are more than just the sum of their investments in hardware and software, plus the labor costs of their IT staff. There are plenty of other direct and indirect (and often unexpected) costs that you need to take into account to determine the correct Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). There’s the electricity, for example, insurance, the cost of downtime, risks, training and so on, to name but a few.

A TCO audit will give you this total cost as a ‘cost per workstation’ and enable you to optimise your spending across the board. For instance, you can make a better assessment of whether converting your capital investments in IT into operating costs ( ‘CAPEX’ to ‘OPEX’) can help you to improve your cashflow.

How healthy is your IT environment?

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Continuity in your operations

Every year, companies in Europe lose an average of over 500 man-hours in downtime on IT and data recovery. This results in a loss of confidence, missed business opportunities and a drain on customer loyalty and sales. Many companies have absolutely no idea what risks they are really running with their IT. Not having a handle on this has an immediate effect on costs and – more important still – business continuity.

A technical IT audit examines every aspect of your IT infrastructure. It also highlights just how crucial the availability of IT today is for your business and exactly where the risks lie. Based on a list of priorities, the audit acts as a strong base for quick wins, optimisation programmes and the proactive, secure management of your IT into the future.

IT as a strategic advantage for your business

Using IT strategically to support your business objectives makes the difference between having IT as a cost and IT as an added value. Your IT infrastructure must be able to act as flexibly as possible on all changes that happen both inside and outside the organisation. Does the IT in your company help you to focus better on added value: on your strategy, service, quality, innovation and time-to-market, etc.?

Professional audits supported by proper processes and software provide a genuine management tool. This enables you to assess the potential cost-savings and to schedule investments. It also gives you an insight into how your IT can support the continuity of the service you provide, as well as give maximum protection to your business-critical information.