Career path at Cheops: continuous growth

Career path at Cheops: continuous growth

Cheops is an excellent career choice for more than one reason. At Cheops, you will join a community of driven and committed people. Are you someone who never shies away from a challenge and do you like to step out of your comfort zone? Then Cheops is the right place for you.

Wondering what your career path at Cheops would look like? We would like to guide you through our Employee Journey, which consists of five essential steps:

Cheops Career Path

  • 1. Onboard - for a smooth start
  • 2. Engage - for a work environment that makes you feel good
  • 3. Develop - for continuous growth
  • 4. Progress - for professional advancement
  • 5. Next Step - for embracing new challenges

1. Onboard

We welcome new employees with open arms and want to make them feel welcome at Cheops from day one. During onboarding, they are given all the necessary knowledge and tools to make their career at Cheops a success story. 

At Cheops, we not only attach importance to job-related competences, but also look at the personal match and culture fit. We find the personality of employees and whether they possess the 'Cheops DNA' just as important. Someone with the Cheops DNA is driven, reliable, communicative, eager, pragmatic & flexible. We like to recruit people who share our mindset and can be part of our Talent Factory.

We believe that a successful career starts with a strong start. That is why we have a comprehensive onboarding process consisting of three steps: the pre-onboarding, the onboarding day and a welcome session together with other new colleagues. This approach ensures that new employees thrive not only professionally, but also personally. It provides our new employees with the necessary tools, information and support to quickly find their place at Cheops and be successful.

How exactly does this take place?

Your first working day at Cheops is swiftly approaching! A week before your official start, you will receive an e-mail from us with all the practical information on what to expect on this day. For example, you'll get more information on where to park and sign in, and you'll receive an overview with what's planned on your first day. We know how important this day is in building a strong foundation. That's why we want to make sure you are completely at ease from the very start.

By providing you with this information a week in advance, we want to give you a chance to prepare yourself, ask any questions and get an idea of what to expect. This is all about creating a sense of confidence and reassurance so that you can focus from the start on what really matters: your new role within Cheops and your contribution to our team.

Onboarding day: 

During the onboarding day, you will be welcomed by our HR team and receive a detailed explanation of our HR policies as well as our IT and car policies. You will then be given a comprehensive tour of the company and the opportunity to get to know your new colleagues. This will be followed by a break and you will enjoy a pleasant lunch with your manager. You will also receive a comprehensive onboarding plan to help you settle in smoothly and become familiar with your new role and colleagues. Moreover, on this day you will also receive your laptop, Cheops backpack and the keys to your Cheops car, so you will be all set to start your new adventure.

Welcome session: 

A few weeks after your first day at work, we welcome you to our 'Welcome @ Cheops' session, where you will gather with other new colleagues in the beautiful Cheops auditorium. During this session, we will cover some key topics, including our Cheops values, our strategy and branding, the Cheops Academy, the Cheops Council, the Event Team and more. Furthermore, we are happy to listen to your first experiences and offer additional information to support you in starting your career at Cheops.

At the end of the presentation, we will organise a short 'speed dating' session, where you will have the chance to learn more about Cheops from some managers. Here, you will be divided into a few groups and engage in conversation with them. They will elaborate on how the different departments within Cheops work, how they interact with each other and what our services and clients entail.

The insight you gain during this session is of great importance and will help you get a smooth start at Cheops. In fact, this session will give you a deeper understanding of our company culture, offering, portfolio and structure.

2. Engage

Fostering connection between employees and our company through transparent communication, communities, events and the Cheops Council. 

At Cheops, you will join a community of driven and engaged people. Even though we work from different locations, you can always fall back on your colleagues. We take the time to celebrate successes together.

We believe in creating a close bond between our employees and the organisation. That is why we encourage open communication at all levels. Thus, with us, everyone is heard, regardless of their position or function. Transparent communication is important to us, which is why 4 quarterly business updates are organised by the management every year. These provide all employees with the latest information on recent changes and strategic updates.

Of course, a healthy work-life balance is a must. At Cheops, we therefore ensure a good mix between work and pleasure. During our community events, we combine the useful with the pleasant and we not only want to bring our employees together, but also inspire them with interesting speakers who bring a session on current topics.

On top of that, the Cheops Event Team organises numerous events every year. This team consists of enthusiastic employees who put their shoulders to the wheel for a number of internal events such as the 'world-famous' Cheops quiz, Summer Drinks, Comedy Nights, Cheops at the movies, Board Game Nights and many more to bring our employees together and get to know each other in a different way. Do you have questions, feedback or topics you would like to raise? Then you can always contact the Cheops Council. The Cheops Council consists of employees who consult with management on behalf of the employees on company policy and employee interests.

In line with our commitment to a positive working environment, we are proud to share that Cheops has been recognised as a 'Great Place to Work'. This award highlights our commitment to a working environment where employees feel valued and can grow. The programme evaluates companies on several criteria, including employee satisfaction, leadership and the level of pride employees feel about their work. The results are obtained through a comprehensive survey of our employees. We then also act on the feedback to continuously improve our working environment. This award is testament to our ongoing efforts to make Cheops not only a great place to work, but also a place where everyone feels engaged and valued.

Would you also like to join a Great Place to Work?

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In short, Cheops is not just about work, it is also about creating a community. We believe that when employees feel valued, engaged and given the opportunity to be themselves, they can contribute optimally to Cheops' success. Just as Cheops can contribute to each employee's success and evolution, a true win-win!

3. Develop

Facilitating the growth, learning and development of employees through personal mentoring, the Cheops Academy and regular performance and growth cycles.

We are a company committed to growth & success. Guided by a clear vision of the future, we set the bar high for ourselves and continuously push our boundaries. Our ambitions go hand in hand with opportunities you can sink your teeth into.

Development and growth are at the heart of our Employee Journey. Our credo is "Let's talk ambition" for a reason. This is why we strive to provide our employees with a stimulating environment in which they can grow and continue to develop their knowledge and talents. We support this process through personal coaching, access to the Cheops Academy and regular individual follow-up of the career path, also known as our performance and growth cycles.

With our Cheops Academy, we offer all our employees the opportunity to follow interesting training courses to further develop their talents, obtain certificates and thus shape their own careers. In doing so, we use various media and learning tools, ranging from e-learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and online training courses to classroom-based in-house group training and external training courses.

Through our performance and growth process, we map out your responsibilities, competences and skills. These are periodically discussed with your Talent Manager with special attention to your personal development plan and ambitions. Our Talent Managers closely monitor employees and understand their projects and training needs. During performance & growth interviews, you get the chance to set your goals together with your Talent Manager. They are there to support you, guide you and ensure you can grow in your role.

4. Progress

Empowering employees to advance their careers through talent management, career growth maps and personal development & improvement plans. 

The Progress step is an extension of the Develop step in the Employee Journey.

Here, we look more long-term and how you can continue to grow within the organisation. "What are your ambitions and how can we help you realise them? How can we support you to achieve your goals?" These questions are at the heart of conversations with your Talent Manager. These conversations are not just formal assessments; they are open dialogues in which we explore your growth potential together.

One of the tools Talent Managers use in this process are our 'metromaps'. These show the different routes you can take to continue to grow and evolve on your career path and build expertise.  Or how you can easily switch 'metrolines' to learn another function or expertise. These metromaps act as guides, so you can clearly see what steps you can take and what skills you can develop to reach your desired goal or end station.

Our Talent Managers play a crucial role in this process. They provide coaching through which employees not only develop their professional skills, but also boost their personal growth. They look at long-term goals and help you grow within the organisation. Our Talent Managers also match ambition with evolution and possible project needs. This allows for internal mobility between different departments.

In addition, Cheops is a growth company. Our ambition to grow is serious, and that means there are plenty of opportunities for our employees to grow with us. Whether you are at the beginning of your career and want to learn, or are a seasoned professional looking for new challenges, with us the opportunities are endless and we want to support you in this. Our Employee Journey goes beyond skills development; it is an investment in your growth and success at Cheops.

5. Next Step

At Cheops, we strive to create an environment where you can grow and where each employee finds genuine satisfaction in their current role. However, we also understand that interests evolve and career paths change. If you ever feel that you are ready for a new challenge within Cheops, the doors for an internal change are always open. Even if you choose to take up a new challenge outside Cheops, we want to stress that you will remain a valued alumnus.

New Cheops challenge: At Cheops, you have the opportunity to grow both laterally and vertically. You can take on a role with more responsibilities or even explore a completely new position. You will take your expertise with you, but you will apply it in a new context. At Cheops, you will have opportunities to develop your skills further, whether it's taking on more responsibilities in your current role or a completely different role. If you choose to take on a new role, we will provide you with the same support you are used to, as described in the Develop step in our Employee Journey.

Cheops Alumnus: If you decide to leave Cheops, we won't do it without a warm farewell. We would like to keep the door open for you to return at a later point in your career. At Cheops, there is always a place for our talented alumni. Moreover, we encourage you to contribute new talents even after you leave our company. We hope you look back on your career with us with a positive feeling, and that you would recommend us as an employer to others.

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