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News Article

Cheops takes another crucial step forward in its growth plans with Eric Primus joining the executive team as Director Managed Services

Kontich, 23 April 2024 - Cheops Technology, leading Belgian Managed Service Provider, takes a new step in professionalisation and announces that Eric Primus, from April 2024, will fulfil the position of Director Managed Services. With this, he thus succeeds Kenny Dierickx, who took up the position of CEO of Cheops Technology earlier this year.

Eric Primus, who has served as Sales Director Managed Services at Cheops for the past four years, has had an impressive trajectory within the company. Under his leadership, Cheops has continued to expand its Managed Services portfolio with innovative services, which include Managed Security services that secure clients against cybersecurity risks. With more than 25 years of experience, Eric Primus brings in-depth market knowledge and expertise in Managed Services to his new position.

Eric's promotion is considered a logical evolution, given his previous achievements and his true passion for Managed Services. "With his well-known enthusiasm, dedication and commercial drive, Eric is the right person for this important position. We therefore look forward to the further sustainable growth of our Managed Services division under his leadership."
- Kenny Dierickx, CEO


Eric will play a key role in shaping and implementing the strategies that are essential to the company's continued growth and success as an ambitious, leading Managed Service Provider. Eric Primus is excited about the future: "Our success is due to a passionate sales and customer success team combined with our unrivalled and advanced Managed Services platform and technical expertise. Together, we make a real difference by not only meeting, but surpassing our customers' expectations. I look forward to joining forces in this position and further realising our vision for innovative and high-quality Managed Services." - Eric Primus, Director Managed Services


With the appointment of Eric Primus as Director Managed Services, Cheops Technology is taking another crucial step forward in its growth plans as a leading Managed Service Provider.

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