Cheops takes over Software Asset Management specialist

Cheops takes over Software Asset Management specialist

Edegem, May 17 2021 – The Belgian IT specialist Cheops has taken another step in the expansion of its range of services. With the acquisition of the SAM department of the Leuven IT company ASIST, Cheops is gaining additional in-house expertise and technology for proactive licence management and software asset management services.

“We see that more and more companies are shifting to the cloud and Software-as-a-Service. As a result, they often lose an overview of the licences they purchase and which conditions they must meet to be compliant,” says Kenny Dierickx, Director Managed Services at Cheops.

Licence management is increasingly complex

With the expertise and platform acquired from ASIST, Cheops can now provide companies with even better help with their licence management and Software Asset Management (SAM). This is important, because the combination of local applications and applications in the cloud leads to complex licence management and often creates additional security risks. Moreover, it is crucial for companies to keep costs under control by only paying for the licences that they actually need, which is not straightforward with rapidly evolving licensing models.

“I am extremely pleased with the move to Cheops because it allows us to further professionalise our SAM-as-a-Service offering and build on Cheops' expertise in this area. Furthermore, it also allows us to supplement and integrate the SAM expertise with other Managed Services in the areas of security and cloud,” says Ronny Brumagne, Senior SAM Expert at ASIST.

Proactive optimisation

With its new ‘SAM-as-a-Service’ offering, Cheops is targeting medium-sized and large companies that would prefer to outsource these kinds of responsibilities to a specialist partner.

“Companies can come to Cheops for advice on their licensing position, whereby we carry out an initial assessment to map out the current situation,” explains Kenny Dierickx. “After that, the customer can switch to a Managed Service formula where we continue to monitor the process proactively and support them in line with their situation and business needs. So they are always compliant, we reduce the costs and give them complete peace of mind. This service also includes a SAM platform with a dashboard where companies can monitor the overview of their licence management themselves in a very transparent way.”

Expansion of Managed Services

Filip Goos, CEO of Cheops: “The acquisition of ASIST's SAM department fits in perfectly with our existing Managed Services offering. With these new services for licence management, we are taking important operational tasks off the hands of our customers. So they can concentrate on their own core business.”

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