Why external IT consultants are an added value to your business

Why external IT consultants are an added value to your business

As a company, you really need IT experts sooner or later, both in the short and long term. However, recruiting an IT expert is not that easy, because profiles are scarce. Moreover, you are not always looking for the same expertise. It is then much more convenient to bring in IT consultants via an external IT partner. That way, you can always deploy exactly the IT knowledge you need at that moment.

IT is indispensable for any business. No organisation can do without a well-functioning IT environment that is robust, up-to-date and secure so that your employees can work efficiently and offer good service to your customers. In order to be strong in the market and expand your business, it is also crucial to invest in new technologies at the right time and to gain maximum benefit from automation. So, both on a daily basis and for temporary IT projects, you need IT experts with the right knowledge.

IT consultants are scarce

Experienced IT consultants, however, are scarce. Business newspaper 'De Tijd' recently wrote about the acute shortage of IT profiles, which threatens to get even worse. The vacancies are barely being filled. IT experts can make high demands on their job and therefore generally prefer to work as a consultant for an IT company that can guarantee them a lot of variety, exciting projects and career opportunities rather than as a permanent IT employee in a company.

Finding and keeping IT experts?

IT professionals have been on the list of hard jobs to fill for years. It’s a well-known fact that finding and retaining good IT people is a challenge, discover possible solutions.

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Flexible access to IT skills

As a company that is not specialised in IT itself, the difficult search for IT personnel can therefore be solved with external IT consultants. Via IT secondment, you can nevertheless hire experienced IT consultants. Instead of investing in expensive and lengthy recruitment processes for IT experts yourself, and then also in ongoing training and refresher courses, IT outsourcing gives you flexible access to diverse IT profiles.

Software programmers or IT infrastructure experts

Automating your business processes and developing value-added software applications simply does not require the same IT consultant as renewing your IT infrastructure, managing a cloud project or hiring someone to maintain your IT environment on a daily basis.

Certainty and continuity

Via your IT services partner, you can even deploy an entire IT team to familiarise themselves with your organisation. And a big extra advantage: you are assured of continuity. No worries when someone is ill, travelling or quitting. If necessary, another IT consultant can quickly take over. This way, you keep all focus on your business and IT is never a hindrance but always a boost for your company.

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