Managed Security

Managed Security Response

Tackling threats quickly and effectively

When threats bypass your security measures, they need to be nipped in the bud immediately. To assist you with this, Cheops can develop a custom response plan that tells you exactly what to do to mitigate the risk.

Your benefits

  • Prepared for IT threats, 24/7
  • A comprehensive plan, tailored to your company
  • Flexible and agile in emergencies
  • IT security expertise

Keep your cool

Hackers are anything but selective: they don’t differentiate by industry or company size. But this does not mean that all companies know how to respond when under attack. By relying on Cheops’s expertise, you can avoid hitting the panic button. Our Incident Response Plan helps you keep your cool, which is crucial for your company’s survival. 

Prepared for IT threats

Thanks to our Incident Response Plan, you will be prepared when a threat or incident occurs. Our roadmap that is completely tailored to your technical IT landscape, your business processes, and your needs, ensuring a standardised response to cyber threats. So that when the inevitable happens, you will be prepared.

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