Managed Mobility

Mobile working makes your employees
more efficient and productive.

Smartphones or tablets are often used both for personal and business purposes. If they get lost or stolen, there is a risk that your business data will fall into the wrong hands. In addition, you always have to respect the privacy of your staff when you configure and manage their mobile devices.

Mobile working without worries

With Managed Mobility from Cheops, you no longer have to worry about stolen or lost smartphones or Bring Your Own Device. Better still: we make sure that your organisation gets maximum return from mobile working.

Managed Mobility offers you a complete and secure solution for using, managing and supporting all of your mobile devices and the data that goes with them. Managed Mobility combines the latest technology, mobile policy, proactive management and end-user support by our experts. As a result, your employees work more productively and you can avoid risks such as the loss of crucial data, as well as breaches of privacy and infringements of the data protection regulations.

Proactive management

Cheops comprehensively relieves you of all your mobile worries for a fixed, transparent monthly charge. And because our management application runs in the cloud, you do not have to make any investment yourself. Our proactive services also mean that if a threatening incident occurs, we take preventative action and avoid problems. You receive the guarantees you need through a service level agreement, plus you are kept in the loop by regular reports and advice.

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