Meet Jens,
Software Engineer

Meet Jens,
Software Engineer

Our staff telling their stories. To find out more about what motivates them, we asked them about their role at Cheops and what their personal ambitions and interests are. Discover Jens' story.

What do you do at Cheops?

I am a Software Engineer at Cheops. I work at the customer's site on a project basis and my work is mainly focused on web applications and front-end development. In my job it is important to have a combination of people skills and technical skills. When you apply for a project, you feel that the customer is looking for people who will quickly integrate into a team.

How did you end up at Cheops?

Cheops appeared on my radar because it is an accessible and personal company. At the same time Cheops is very ambitious: in just a short time it has grown rapidly, made large investments, and you see many new colleagues coming in.

I deliberately chose consultancy because then you are assigned to different projects and you can learn faster. Because of my work I often go to new places, meet new people, use new tools, ... which keeps me sharp.

What is your personal ambition?

My own ambition at Cheops is to continue growing in my role as a Software Engineer, more towards full stack. In the longer term, I am aiming for an architect role in Software Development.

In addition to my passion for work, I want to discover the world by travelling and in my free time I do a lot of sports. I am part of the Cheops cycling team and have taken part in the 1000km for Kom op Tegen Kanker cycling event (Fight against Cancer charity).


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