How do you make the switch to a new IT services provider?

How do you make the switch to a new IT services provider?

Are you considering switching to another Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

These three tips can make that happen in an organized way without major hurdles.

Take control

With a good Managed Services agreement, you should never have to feel like you've lost control yourself. Your IT facilities and business data are too important for that.

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A reputable Managed Services Provider (MSP) manages everything on your behalf so you can focus on your business, but of course you should still be in control. You can take the latter quite literally: you should know all the important passwords so that you can reset them yourself or transfer them to another IT service provider.

If this is not the case, you will of course first ask your current MSP about it. In principle, they should not have any problems when you want to switch to another partner. On the contrary, a proper service provider will also provide the necessary support and guidance in the interests of your organization and the continuity of its business operations.

Good preparation makes half the difference

Evidently, you don't want to jeopardize business continuity with a possible switch to another MSP. Sometimes companies even abandon the whole plan for that reason. However, it should not be that difficult. The most important thing is to prepare everything thoroughly. First and foremost, you have to carefully choose your new Managed Services Provider. They will guide and advise you so that everything runs smoothly. If necessary, the new MSP can already audit your IT in order to get off to a swift and successful start.

Only when your new IT partner has worked out a transition plan do you report your decision to your existing MSP. This way, the two parties can immediately address everything practically, and you don't have to worry about it.

Ensure good timing

Even though everything has been prepared so thoroughly, it is still best to schedule a suitable moment to shift your IT management to the new Managed Services Partner. Such a good time is not likely to be during your busiest sales period or when you are working on an important project. Rather choose a more convenient time, such as during breaks and vacations, to make the move.

You can make clear arrangements with your new MSP in advance about the timing and already have Service Level Agreements in place about guaranteed response times, uptime and business continuity. Through good agreements and regular dialogue, you and your new service partner will build a valuable partnership from the outset, providing reassurance and even acting as a catalyst for further growth.

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