Cheops strengthens
Managed Services with
Eric Primus as Sales Manager

Cheops strengthens Managed Services with Eric Primus as Sales Manager

IT specialist Cheops has brought Eric Primus on board as Sales Manager for its Managed Services division. This move will make sales for these services even more targeted, with the aim being to maximise added value for customers. “In any case, Managed Services are the future,” says Eric Primus.

Cheops wants to use the appointment of Eric Primus to approach the Managed Services customers in an even more focused way. Eric has many years of experience in the IT services market for medium-sized companies and is therefore the ideal person to lead the sales team. He will be managed by Kenny Dierickx, who is responsible for the Managed Services division at Cheops.

“We all know by now how important it is to be flexible and resilient as a company in all circumstances,” says Kenny Dierickx. "This flexibility to adapt quickly is exactly what Managed Services can offer.”

Convinced by Cheops as a Managed Services pioneer

In any case, Eric fully supports the model where companies outsource some or all of their tasks so that they can focus on their own core activities. “Of course, when using this as-a-service approach it is important to partner with an experienced and reliable player who can guarantee continuity,” he says. “As a pioneer in Managed Services, Cheops is very strong in this area. Moreover, Cheops is not tied to specific suppliers and has all the skills needed in-house, from Security to Cloud. So customers don't have to worry about anything and can rely on the expertise of Cheops.”

Focus on customer satisfaction

To facilitate the growth of the Managed Services activities, Eric especially wants to build on the high level of customer satisfaction: “At the end of the day, customer satisfaction takes precedence. As an organisation, we must continue to work on this and guarantee sound advice and close follow-up. I want to ensure, among other things, that we always properly inform and advise our customers about our service model. And above all, what it can do for them.”

Expansion of services

Specifically, the Cheops sales team will be further expanded nationwide. In addition, there will be particular attention paid to the range of services for Security: “IT security is complex and therefore a matter for specialists. If things go wrong, this can have very serious consequences for a company. Managed Security is therefore the ideal solution for companies that do not have the necessary knowledge and infrastructure in-house.”

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