Cheops connects cloud environment with private digital highway

The hybrid cloud is on the rise.

Now that cloud computing is gaining momentum in Belgium, there is a growing need for companies to connect their own private cloud environments securely and efficiently with the major public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Cheops fully embraces this hybrid approach by offering its customers a genuine private digital highway that makes the appropriate connection possible.

“Right now, the hybrid cloud model is on the rise,” says Kenny Dierickx, Operations Director at Cheops. “A combination of on-premise IT, private and public cloud gives companies all the flexibility they want, while at the same time providing them with the necessary security and confidence. The challenge is connecting and managing the various environments in the cloud securely and cost-effectively. Which is why, from now on, Cheops is offering its customers the ability to establish private, fast and secure connections between various cloud platforms and providers.”

A secure, seamless hybrid cloud

This private digital highway offers customers a range of benefits. First and foremost, it enables them to set up a future-proof hybrid cloud, without being dependent on a specific provider. This way network costs can be compressed and migrating to and from and between cloud environments also becomes easier. Finally, because secure Layer-2 connections are used, the less secure public Internet is taken out of the equation.

Robust architecture with 24/7 support

The Cheops solution is being delivered from the datacentre that hosts the Cheops cloud platform. It connects, for example, with Microsoft Azure via Expressroute and with Amazon Web Services trough its Direct connect channel. The service is built on robust hardware. The solution includes secure Layer-2 connectivity with SLAs, fast provisioning, 24/7 technical support, low-latency and predictable bandwidth, plus options for a redundant set-up.

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