Case study: Fast and
reliable IT Service
Desk for Lineas

Lineas is one the largest private rail freight operators in Europe, employing 2,100 people. For the restructuring of its internal IT Service Desk, Lineas called in Cheops. Now, Cheops employees run Lineas’ IT Service Desk. They reflect on the establishment and development of this partnership.

The Head of ICT Service Desk at Lineas: “Our collaboration with Cheops ensures that all our employees get fast and efficient help with their IT questions and problems. Cheops has carefully finetuned the way in which they manage the Service Desk to meet the needs of our organisation. That’s why this is the right solution for us”.

Lineas arranges the management and planning of freight transport missions daily, so it is very important that the IT works well. A few years ago, the restructuring and growth of the company put this priority high on the agenda.

The result: "more room" in the organisation

Outsourcing operational IT tasks often makes life easier for companies, who can then concentrate more on their core business. “For the IT department of Lineas, the extra resources and new processes have mainly ensured extra room, room that we now use, for example, for new projects or strategic processes”.

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