The IT business professional who makes a difference

What are the necessary skills?

The fact that IT is one of the fastest-changing sectors around is no secret. As a result of lightning-fast developments, the profile of the IT professional has also changed significantly in recent years. In addition to technical knowhow, the modern IT expert also has to be ‘in tune’ with the business. As is the case with other jobs, IT is expected to do more and more these days to support an organisation’s business objectives.

Knowledge of business

IT today is not about bits & bytes any more. Increasing number of IT specialists are also business consultants who help guide companies in the strategic implementation of their IT. This means they have to keep an open mind, fully understand the processes and objectives of the company they are dealing with. In the first instance, today’s modern IT professional has the analytical ability to translate the needs of the business to IT, and vice versa. As a consultant, he or she shows initiative and is constantly looking for new ways of making the business grow. That way, IT makes a real contribution to the success of the organisation.

The ability to adjust quickly

Precisely because the IT sector is constantly changing, it is important for IT staff to be willing to keep their own knowledge up to date as new developments occur. Standing still means going backwards – particularly in the world of IT. In addition to the opportunity of honing their expertise on a variety of challenging assignments, a personalised training plan also helps strengthen and broaden each individual’s knowledge and skills. However, gathering knowledge is not an aim in itself; it’s the ability to learn new skills that makes all the difference.

Thinking outside the box

IT professionals and consultants need to keep abreast of all changes happening in the company where they work – whether or not they are on staff or an outsider. For that reason, they need to have a ‘helicopter view’ of IT. That way, they know what innovations might contribute towards the goals and business of the customers they are working for. A business professional who dares to think outside the box and tackle challenges in an innovative way, is an added value for any company.

Team-play and soft skills

Finally, modern IT experts are not only able to put their knowledge to work in an innovative way, but they are also willing to share it with their work colleagues. That way, the whole team’s knowledge stays up to date and does not become isolated on ‘knowledge islands’, which can harm continuity.

Being able to work together also means having the necessary soft skills to hand, including communication skills and intellectual and emotional abilities. For example, at Cheops we not only focus on the technical skills through our Cheops Academy, but we also make sure that the soft skills of our IT people are fully up to the mark so that our customers can rely on genuine specialists at all times.

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