The three success factors
of a good service desk

The three success factors
of a good service desk

Without IT, your employees cannot be productive. In particular, problems such as a slow network and inaccessible data or applications lead to great frustration and lower quality customer service. You can avoid all this by supporting your IT users with a high-performance service desk that provides your company with a competitive advantage, whether you outsource your service desk or not.

By resolving IT problems quickly and avoiding similar incidents, you increase continuity and save costs. For a service desk with greater efficiency and flexibility, you can contact a Managed Service Provider (MSP). They take charge of the management and optimisation for you and ensure the ideal balance between people, processes and monitoring tools for proactively preventing problems. These are also the main factors that turn your service desk into a real asset:

1. The right expertise in the right place

With an MSP you have much easier access to the right expertise at the right time. Your MSP is successful in attracting, recruiting and retaining continually motivated employees, because they also have the opportunity to grow. With the right people in the right place, and with knowledge and soft skills that are constantly updated, you take your IT service desk to a higher level.

2. Continuous improvement of processes

By evaluating and adjusting the operation and quality of the services on an ongoing basis, you achieve measurably better results, increase continuity and cut costs. Your MSP can continuously evaluate your IT service desk, based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you determine beforehand. The KPIs can, for example, cover the resolution rate of incidents, the satisfaction of customers and employees or the cost per ticket. In the report, you clearly see where you are achieving efficiency gains.

3. Tools for more efficiency

Automation and powerful tools help you to manage your IT service desk even better, make it function efficiently and to always follow up IT incidents with the appropriate priority. You can also opt, for example, to combine internal first-line support with second-line support through an external help desk. This way you make available your own expertise alongside the expertise of your MSP and you can further increase the (cost) efficiency.

Why outsource your service desk?

Outsourcing the support for your end users is simple and it also provides many clear, measurable benefits for your organisation. Your end users work more productively and efficiently when they are less hampered by IT problems. These are resolved as proactively or as quickly as possible. So your employees can, in turn, give your customers better service. The result is a win-win situation: satisfied employees and satisfied customers. Combined with improved continuity, you also achieve great cost savings.

You may not be able to provide an in-house service desk that is always available. An MSP does provide this certainty and invests in the right people and up-to-date technology for you, so that you can always rely on a high-performance service desk. Moreover, your outsourced service desk has the flexibility to expand when necessary.

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