The three biggest advantages of a job as an IT consultant

The three biggest advantages of a job as an IT consultant

Do you have an IT education under your belt? Then a new world is opening up to you.

A very exciting career option for IT experts is a job as an IT consultant with lots of variety and exciting projects. This gives you all the opportunities to learn and grow.

Diversity in assignments for IT consultants

Variety makes a job exciting. As an IT expert, it is in your best interest to build up experience in different technologies and on different projects. Whether in IT infrastructure or software development, IT consultants at Cheops have the opportunity to work for several customers. In doing so, we take into account each consultant's interests and competencies as much as possible.

Shorter consultancy assignments or rather long ones? They both have their advantages. With short assignments you are usually brought in for very specific projects for which your client temporarily needs extra help. This allows you to learn a lot in a short period of time. If you commit yourself to a long-term project, you will get to know your client's situation and technology really well.

Whichever projects you carry out, you will always be closely monitored by your Talent Manager at Cheops. This is your dedicated point of contact and coach for facilitating your growth.

Courses for IT consultants

As an IT consultant at Cheops, you are constantly learning. Not only on the job with customers, but also through the Cheops Academy we will ensure that you maintain your knowledge and expertise and further develop your competencies.

At the Cheops Academy we bring together all training initiatives with a focus on your personal development. We provide technical training courses, in which you also have the opportunity to obtain certain certificates. We also organize training around soft skills such as communications skills.

Available IT Experts

Check out our available profiles that specialize in managing your IT infrastructure and/or developing your Java and .NET applications.

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In addition to group trainings, we also offer individual and digital learning opportunities. So you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it suits you.

A broad network of IT experts

IT consultants often work on-site at the client's premises. At Cheops, we believe it is important to integrate our consultants well into our company so that you become part of our community of IT experts. In this way, you can always ask a colleague for advice when you are faced with a particular technical challenge. So you are never alone at Cheops.

In addition to the professional aspect, you will also have the opportunity to get to know your colleagues better at various events organized by the Cheops Event team, such as a comedy night, go-karting or laser shooting. Ideal for having fun together and relaxing after a busy day.

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