The advantages of
colocation in the cloud

The advantages of
colocation in the cloud

What is colocation and how does it differ from a shared environment? What are the other possibilities for cloud infrastructure besides colocation? We clarify the various options for you.

With colocation, you use your own server environment in an external data centre. By placing your own servers in a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, you are assured of a reliable connection, maximum security and the highest availability. It is impossible for you alone to provide that level of security, performance and redundancy in your company.

You still have your own servers in your company but want the benefits of an external data centre? Or do you have certain workloads that are very specific and so cannot migrate to the public cloud? Then you can simply move this hardware to the Cheops Cloud. This way your investment isn't lost and you no longer have to maintain a data centre yourself.

You have remote access to your own environment so that you can perform certain management tasks yourself. Moreover, Cheops gives you the additional security of proactive management, continuous monitoring, optimisation and reporting.

Dedicated cloud infrastructure

With colocation you have a dedicated server environment: an environment that is only used by you. Everything is completely tailored to your business needs. Moreover, you have maximum control over your data. Do you want this additional security? Then a dedicated cloud infrastructure is a good idea.

This is the option that the DIY chain Hubo chose: their crucial applications run in a server environment that was specially built for them. Cheops manages this dedicated infrastructure according to the standards, requirements and differentiations of the Cheops Cloud. This gives Hubo the security of a protected cloud environment that is tailor-made for them, while also having the ability to flexibly absorb growth.

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A shared environment

Don't need a dedicated environment? Then you can also opt for a shared environment where you share the server infrastructure with other users. In principle, this is the standard approach for a cloud environment. You use a common infrastructure but obviously you have your own secure software environment. This type of a shared environment is primarily about the optimal and flexible use of capacity and computer power.

The security of an external data centre

So whatever you decide, you have in any case the benefits of an external data centre. There is the perfectly secured location with guaranteed power supply, intruder protection, water and fire detection, and air conditioning. Equally important for a cloud environment is the extra fast connection. At Cheops, the data centre is not only redundant internally but also linked to a second data centre at a different location, which takes over everything in the event of an emergency. Your business continuity is therefore guaranteed.

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