The added value of a
Managed Service Provider

The added value of a Managed Service Provider

If IT is not your core business, why should you manage it yourself? More and more companies – including medium-sized ones – are realising this and bringing in external experts for their IT management. What strategic benefits do they gain from such a Managed Service Provider?

An IT environment is complex. Moreover, the challenges related to security, cloud and regulations such as the GDPR mean that monitoring everything properly is not simple. If something goes wrong here, the consequences can be disastrous – just think of the data loss, reputational damage, financial loss and fines. It is therefore not surprising that a growing number of companies are outsourcing the IT management to a managed service provider (MSP). This means that they also have the opportunity to focus on innovation and improving customer service.

Everything under control

By using a Managed Service Provider, you can count on the fact that your IT environment is always in good order because your MSP takes care of the necessary security updates, proactive management and support, configuration updates, backup follow-up and all kinds of other IT tasks that are crucial for an IT environment that is well-secured and always available.

Up-to-date knowledge and technology

With an MSP, not only do you have more peace of mind that all those important IT tasks are happening at the right time. You can also count on a large team that has specialized and up-to-date IT knowledge and is equipped with the latest technologies and tools. The continuity is therefore guaranteed. For your own company, it would be impossible to continuously invest in IT specialists and technology, just like an MSP. After all, the IT world is always changing and MSPs evolve along with it through technological investments and continuous training of their employees.


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Stay ahead of the competition

Managed Service Providers are therefore worth their weight in gold for companies of all sizes: for smaller companies, they are a perfect and safer alternative to an internal IT manager. Companies that are a bit larger, or at least have their own IT department, outsource IT management to the MSP so that they can assign their internal IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks. In any case, outsourcing IT management means that more attention can be directed towards the business and for companies that want to stay ahead of their competition, the collaboration with an MSP can make the difference between winning or losing.

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