Security Operations Center (SOC)


24/7 monitoring of your IT security

You want to focus on your core business. But who protects your data in the meantime? Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to intercept. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) protects your IT environment by detecting incidents, risks, and threats and providing a rapid, adequate response

Your benefits

  • Intelligent and proactive monitoring, 24/7
  • Protection so that you can work without worrying
  • GDPR, NIS/NIST2 and ISO-compliant.
  • Predictable cost

Why you should rely on a Cheops Managed SOC

The number of cyber attacks is on the rise. Moreover, a security breach can cause serious financial damage, in addition to being detrimental to your company’s reputation. That is why you need a permanent security system to protect your business operations.

Our team of security experts provides proactive protection by intervening before a threat escalates and causes real problems. You benefit from advanced IT security, 24/7, that is tailored to your company and risk profile. That way you don’t have to invest in a separate security team, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: your business operations.

Security challenges for medium-sized companies

Our world is changing at breakneck speed. People work remotely, compliance (GDPR, NIST, NIS2) is crucial, and cyber crime is more prevalent than ever. Moreover, research has shown that hackers are not selective when it comes to their victims. That means you face the same threats as larger companies.

Since the consequences of such threats can be quite far-reaching and that your systems are not located just on-site, you need an effective security policy. Your IT systems also need to evolve continually, in step with the times. But this can be difficult when your main focus is on keeping the business running.

How Cheops supports you

Cheops SOC has exactly what you need. Ensuring you can count on the best technology, people and processes, while staying on top of your budget. Moreover, the 24/7 security monitoring helps you avoid eye-wateringly expensive, last-minute interventions. Always prepared, always safe – even when your team works remotely.

Security and GDPR, NIST & NIS2

IT security and compliance are inextricably linked. Need help?

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