Recruitment and hiring policy

Cheops thanks you for your interest in our company and your application.

Cheops has prepared the present policy in order to inform you about receiving, using and managing your personal data in the context of your application/selection procedure.  Cheops understands your concerns regarding the processing of your personal data and therefore wishes to inform you by clearly indicating the purposes for which Cheops processes your personal data, to whom it is transferred and the appropriate safeguards provided in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act and other applicable data protection regulations.

Any applicant with the age of at least 15 years acknowledges having read this policy. The submission of the CV and the prosecution of the selection procedure implies the acceptance of this policy and the processing of your personal data by Cheops.

The applicant is required to participate in good faith in the selection procedure and to provide all necessary information about his or her professional and educational history, where it relates to the nature and conditions of the position. The applicant must not divulge any confidential information that he or she may have become aware of as a result of the recruitment and selection procedure.

By applying to Cheops, the applicant acknowledges having read this policy and understanding how Cheops processes his or her personal data.

Article 1 - Categories of persons

The present information policy applies to the following persons regardless of their nationality or place of residence:

  • Any natural person who, as a result of a job offer, submits his/her application with a view to obtaining the job described in the job offer.
  • Any natural person who applies spontaneously with the aim of having his/her CV included in a database intended for recruitment and selection.
  • Any natural person whose CV was forwarded to Cheops via a third party by a recruitment company or by recommendation. Cheops will communicate the policy to the applicant upon first contact.

Article 2 - Categories of personal data

In the context of the application, and more specifically for the selection process, the company will process, among others, the following personal data:

Identification data such as your name, first name, marital status, address, date of birth, age and gender;

  • Data related to studies and training: education, training, diplomas, certificates;
  • Work related information: current position and responsibilities, prior positions and professional experience, date of departure, reason for departure, working conditions and gross salary, salary expectations, skills and professional competence;
  • Health assessment form for a safety function, a function with increased vigilance or an activity with a well-defined risk (Art. I.4-46 of the Codex on well-being at work). This form does not contain any health data;
  • Data related to mobility (driver's license, transportation options);
  • Data obtained from knowledge and competency tests
  • Data obtained from a personality test
  • Our website uses cookies which may process your personal data such as IP address, navigation on the website, ... For more information about the processing of your personal data by cookies, please see our internet and cookie policy.

Cheops strives to obtain all information relevant to recruitment directly from the applicant. If Cheops deems it necessary, it will contact one or more previous employers to ask for information about you and your work experience only with your permission.

If the applicant has attached documents to his application, such as copies of diplomas, certificates, photographs, etc., the company will keep them available for a reasonable period of time after he has been rejected. In case of doubt about the authenticity of the copy presented or sent, Cheops may request the applicant to provide the original document.

Cheops can only ask questions about your private life in case they are relevant due to the nature and conditions of the position;

It is possible that Cheops will process sensitive personal data in certain cases, but this will always be kept to a minimum. In any case, the Company will not process so-called "sensitive" personal data, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, health, sexual orientation ... during the recruitment process.

Article 3 - Purposes and processing grounds

Cheops will only collect and process your personal data to the extent necessary for the purposes in the context of recruitment and selection. The personal data processed will be proportionate to the position to be filled and will be limited to the data necessary to ascertain to what extent your motivation, knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences match the profile of the open position for which you are applying or qualifying.

Cheops processes the above personal data on the basis of various processing grounds as enumerated in Art. 6, paragraph 1, (a), (b), (c) and (f) and 9, paragraph 2, (b) GDPR :

  • you have given your explicit consent
    • Example: forwarding a resume
    • example : registration in the recruitment database as explained further below
  • the processing is necessary in order to take measures prior to the conclusion of an employment contract between you and Cheops to promote, among other things, the smooth recruitment of your employment.
    • Example: drafting of an employment contract
  • Processing is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation incumbent on the company;
    • Example: drawing up a certificate of attendance for VDAB, Actiris, Forem at the request of the applicant
  • The processing of your data is necessary for the legitimate interests of Cheops in order to properly evaluate your application, provided that the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the applicant are not prioritized.
    • example : forwarding your contact details to centers that conduct tests or trials, processing results of tests or trials, forwarding your data to other services or affiliated companies that may be interested in your profile.

Article 4 - The processing of your personal data

a) General

The recruitment procedure and associated data processing starts at Cheops when :

  • you apply for a specific position
  • you apply spontaneously;
  • a third party recommends you (e.g. recruitment office).

Cheops uses various channels to find the suitable person for a vacancy. This can be via our own website, via emails, but also via third parties such as social media (LinkedIn, Facebook), job websites/job boards (Monster, Indeed, ICT job, Stepstone, VDAB, etc.), job fairs or recruitment and selection offices. For specific positions or profiles, Cheops may engage a specialized office to find a suitable candidate.

If your CV is processed by these third parties, it is advisable to read their general terms and conditions and privacy policy to ascertain how they handle your personal data. Cheops cannot be held responsible for the way these third parties handle your personal data, nor for the content published on their websites.

Cheops requests that you check the accuracy and completeness of your data and contact us if any changes have occurred or if you are no longer interested in a job with Cheops during the selection process.


b) Specific processing during the selection procedure

In the first stage of the selection procedure, Cheops analyses your CV to check whether it meets the requirements of the job.

Applicants who do not meet the requirements and whose CV will not be taken into further consideration, will be informed accordingly. Personal data and CVs of applicants who are not retained, will be kept by Cheops in a recruitment database where you will have the choice whether to accept it or not.

In the next phase, depending on the position and your profile, a number of tests may be carried out, as Cheops finds it important to conduct an objective recruitment and selection procedure.

These tests, which will not last longer than necessary to test the applicant's competence, may consist of:

  • practical case
  • personality test
  • test of technical knowledge
  • capacity tests (abstract and/or numerical and/or verbal)

These tests will always form an objective guide in the selection procedure and will always be accompanied by a professional assessment and comprehensive analysis by Cheops. Cheops can use an external assessment office to carry out these tests.

Cheops or the assessment office will explain the results of these tests and/or trials orally or in writing, whereby you will always have the opportunity to express your comments and experiences.

Candidates who meet the requirements of the position, but whose test results are unsatisfactory, will be informed of this within a reasonable time. The data of applicants who are not further qualified will be kept in a recruitment database where you will have the choice whether to accept it or not.

Article 5 - Recipients of your personal data

The Company may be required to process your personal data both internally and externally as part of your recruitment and selection. Access to your personal data will be limited to those persons with a function that requires the processing of that information and will, in principle, only be transmitted on a need-to-know basis to the recipients who carry out the various processing operations in relation to the above-mentioned purposes.


a) Internal

Cheops will process your personal data within the framework of your recruitment and selection procedure and will therefore have access to the personal data as listed under Article 2.

In the context of the selection, the manager of the department where the vacancy has been put in place, will also have access to your personal data as part of the application process in order to assess the suitability of your profile within the company and the specific department (position, work experience training, etc.).


b) External

Cheops is required to communicate your personal data to various external companies that provide services, such as firms specializing in recruitment and selection, to conduct initial interviews and to carry out personality and competency tests.

These companies are directly subject to the legal obligations of the GDPR. This implies that your personal data will be protected by these organizations according to the obligations imposed by the GDPR.

Sometimes the employer is also obliged to communicate your personal data to government agencies, whereby the employer always checks whether the (legal) conditions to do so are fulfilled.


c) Transfer to third countries

It is also possible that we transfer your personal data to companies within the same group that are established in third countries, i.e. countries outside the European Economic Area, namely the United States.

Such a transfer is possible if the country where the recipient is located offers sufficient legal guarantees for the protection of your personal data and which the European Commission has assessed as adequate. In the other cases, the employer has concluded a model contract with the recipient so that a similar protection is offered as in Europe. For those cases where this has not happened or cannot happen, your personal data can always be transferred with your permission, within the limits of the relationship you have with us. Therefore, in order to enable transfer and thus processing also in those cases, the employer will ask you, where appropriate, if you consent to the occasional transfer to third countries.

If you would like more information on, or a copy of, the safeguards in these international transfers of your personal data, you can always follow the procedure described in Article 7 ("Your Rights").

Article 6 - Period of retention

Employer processes your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we need it. We apply different retention periods depending on the context of the selection procedure.


a) Candidacy for a specific vacancy.

Cheops retains your personal data processed in our recruitment and selection procedure for a period necessary for the processing of your candidature.

Cheops retains your personal data for its recruitment reserve for three (3 )years.  This allows the company to contact you in the event that the person selected is not hired or if it is decided to end this cooperation.


b) Recruitment database

If Cheops has selected a third party for a certain position, but your profile could be interesting for a similar or another position within the company, we wish to contact you in the future for a vacancy that could interest you.  Cheops will ask your permission to keep your profile for three (3) years. You are always in a position to refuse this proposal and then Cheops will delete your personal data from our recruitment database.


c) Spontaneous application

Any CV sent through a spontaneous application will be retained for a period of three (3) years.


d) Employment

In the case of recruitment, the processing of your personal data by Cheops will be necessary for personnel and payroll administration and the processing will be necessary for the performance of the employment contract, compliance with the legal obligations of Cheops and Cheops may invoke the legitimate interest.  At the latest at the time of employment, you will be further informed about the processing of your personal data by Cheops within the framework of personnel management and payroll administration.


e) Place of storage and request for deletion

Your personal data will be kept in Greenhouse.

If you wish, you can make an express request to have your CV deleted at any time during the selection process by following the procedure described in Article 7.

Article 7 - Your rights

Cheops has tried to provide as much information as possible through the present policy in order to be as transparent as possible about the processing of your personal data during a recruitment and selection procedure. However, we understand that you may still have questions or require additional clarification.

You therefore have the right to consult your personal data (file) or to request a copy, to correct or delete your data (or have them corrected) if they turn out to be incorrect or incomplete and, in some cases, to restrict the processing of your data (or have it restricted). Where applicable, you may also request the transfer of your data to another data controller. The exercise of these rights must, however, comply with the provisions of the GDPR.

To the extent that the processing has its basis in your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Such withdrawal will only have consequences for the future.

Cheops does not engage in automated individual decision making which entails legal consequences.

You can exercise your rights - and to the extent that they are within the terms defined by applicable law (GDPR) Cheops will comply with them - by contacting

If you believe that your rights have been violated, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority at any time.

Article 8 - Safeguards

Cheops finds the protection of your personal data important and therefore takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data and, in particular, to protect it against loss, alteration or unauthorized access.

Cheops therefore limits access rights to your personal data to those services and/or individuals for whom access is required in order for them to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, such as the Human Resources Department and the executives of a particular function. We also ensure that only those personal data are transferred that are required to fulfill the more specific purposes. These access restrictions reduce the risks of loss or unauthorized access to the personal data.

The persons who have access to personal data, have received or will receive training in the processing of personal data and how to handle your personal data, and are bound by confidentiality clauses to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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