How can the CIO turn
the corona crisis into
a lasting IT strategy?

By Thomas Collier,
Technology Manager, Cheops


How can the CIO turn the corona crisis into a lasting IT strategy?

By Thomas Collier,
Technology Manager, Cheops


CIOs are busier than ever during the corona crisis: suddenly everyone has to work from home, raising many questions about secure connections, online collaboration and the threat from hackers. How do you ensure that the current emergency interventions will give your company a boost in the long term?

IT is playing a key role during this corona crisis. Both privately, enabling us to communicate with each other and shop online, and professionally. Many employees who rarely or never worked from home are now forced to do so. The CIO is the hero in this story. They have to answer all the questions and legitimate concerns of managers and end users.

Overcoming the initial IT panic

As a CIO, you are undoubtedly being inundated with unexpected situations and problems, but fortunately this situation will not last. In the end, most companies will find a way to continue to guarantee business continuity as well and efficiently as possible during the crisis, partly thanks to working from home. The initial IT panic will then be overcome.

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A new way of working

After that, it is time for the next step. Now you can introduce this new way of working, which previously did not exist in many companies, as an asset not only during but also after the corona crisis. In this way, you can turn your company into a modern workplace at an accelerated pace, with all the benefits this brings for employees and customers in terms of productivity, availability and flexibility. During the corona crisis, end users being able to work efficiently at any location and with any device is more of an asset than ever. But even after the crisis you can continue to reap the benefits of new opportunities that your company is now discovering.

Momentum for digital transformation

After the most urgent IT concerns have been resolved, it is therefore important for CIOs to go beyond maintaining the status quo. To emerge stronger from the corona crisis, companies and CIOs must see this period as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Those who really want to work on digital transformation are now taking the first steps towards teleworking to gain momentum for a more in-depth IT strategy. This includes the right communication tools, in-depth IT security and matters that have a direct impact on your business continuity, such as your cloud strategy and e-commerce strategy.

Working on long-term benefits

So now think about everything that needs to happen to make your company more agile, so that it can handle not only this crisis but any market evolution. Consider not only your employees, but also and above all your business model and channels to your customers.

One day the corona crisis will be over, but it is already clear that there will be a lasting impact on the behaviour of your employees and the expectations of your customers.

Now is the time to ensure that you emerge from the battle as a winner.

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