Cheops wins HPE
Service Provider
of the Year award

Cheops has received the award for Service Provider of the Year at Reimagine, the channel event of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The prize is in recognition of how far Cheops has come: the company has grown rapidly in recent years and evolved into a major player in IT & Business Technology Services that thinks proactively with its customers at the business level.

IT at business level

Filip Goos, CEO of Cheops: "You could say that today's IT is more strategic than it has ever been for companies. But organizations are finding it difficult to bring the resources they need in-house on their own. An IT partner with the right cloud infrastructure, experience and business insight is the answer."

Growing interest in security

Many companies are now making the strategic decision to adopt the cloud. So medium-sized companies are also gaining access to the IT infrastructure, security and expertise that was previously reserved for large organizations with huge budgets. By outsourcing these things to Cheops, companies become agile and can concentrate on their core activities. Last year Cheops recorded a growth of 46% in Managed Services. In addition, the demand for IT experts is also on the rise and Cheops has noticed a growing interest in security. This is mainly due to massive migration to the cloud and new regulations such as GDPR.

IT as a service

"Cheops focuses on what we call 'IT as a Service': offering IT as a service that is tailored to your organization," says Christophe Vanmalleghem, Managing Director of Cheops. "This means tailored to your specific needs, your strategy, ambitions and budget. We don't use dogmas. And we never push customers towards a predefined model. Together we determine the ideal solution that allows companies to grow and focus on their strategic priorities."

Close to customers

Cheops itself has been a growth company for years and so understands better than anyone else what SMEs and growth companies need to take their IT to the next level. "Cheops is big enough to cope, small enough to care," says Filip Goos. "Our customers enjoy the latest technologies, knowledge and our economies of scale. Just like in the largest IT companies, but we keep things on a human scale – so that we stay close to our customers."

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