IT ‘Gazelle’ Cheops plans major wave of recruitments in 2018

Edegem, 8 February 2018 - Cheops, the fast-growing IT & Business Technology Services Specialist, is planning a major recruitment push this year. "Cheops’s recipe for success works well on the market, so we're continuing to invest in hiring and training people" explains Managing Director Christophe Vanmalleghem. It hasn't gone unnoticed that Cheops is growing incredibly quickly: for the 8th year in a row, the IT service provider has been nominated as a ‘Trends Gazelle’ company. Cheops currently employs over 250 IT experts and is mainly looking to fill IT vacancies.

Cheops is looking for 75 extra employees

The company’s strong organic growth is the trigger for the majority of the hires. A small minority of hires will take on support roles. The focus is on IT vacancies like cloud, system and security engineers.

Growth at Cheops is rapid but constant: for the eighth year running, the IT service provider has been nominated as a ‘Trends Gazelle’. This is an accolade for fast-growing companies awarded by the leading Belgian business magazine Trends, based on annual revenue growth.

Christophe Vanmalleghem, Managing Director of Cheops: "You only hire 75 people if your company is on the rise. Cheops is following a recipe for success, and the market is responding positively to it. So we plan continue to focus on what makes us successful: our investments in our people, means and our brand."

Wanted: passion, but not only for IT

Cheops is working with colleges and universities to recruit extra employees. In addition to the right degree, Cheops also attaches great importance to the intrinsic motivation of its people. The company is committed to intellectual diversity within the organisation. Cheops employees develop into fully-fledged consultants, so they must be strong communicators.

Christophe Vanmalleghem, Managing Director of Cheops: "Of course an IT-related degree is still important. But at Cheops we believe that attitude, good communication skills and a passion for the job are often also important. We find that truly passionate employees, in addition to IT, must also have at least one other thing that they can fully immerse themselves in."

Cheops conquers Belgium

The recruitment push at Cheops is a direct consequence of the market success of this fast-growing IT player. Research by Deloitte shows that companies are focusing more and more on their core tasks. In addition to functions within HR and finance, it’s mostly IT services that are often outsourced. But companies still like to have their IT support and infrastructure close to home.

As a Belgian company, Cheops has a network of offices in Belgium, with branches in Antwerp, Ghent and Zaventem.

Christophe Vanmalleghem: "Our network of offices across the country fits within Cheops’s growth strategy. Today, IT has a big impact in every sector. Increasingly, companies want to take their IT to the next level together with a local player that can help them to do this."

About Cheops

Belgian company Cheops specialises in IT & Business Technology Services. Our 250 IT experts think strategically alongside our customers to help them become more efficient, more productive, more adaptive and, consequently, more competitive. Cheops’ work frees its customers to develop their business without being overtaken by new technology or held back by outdated technology. Cheops has three branches in Belgium: a main office in Edegem as well as offices in Zaventem and Ghent.

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