Q8 end users get IT support from Cheops specialists

Q8 end users get IT support from Cheops specialists

Q8, one largest petroleum processing companies in the world, is working with Cheops specialists at its internal service desk to support end users in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. Since this collaboration started, the satisfaction of the IT users has increased considerably. Tickets are resolved much faster and the Cheops personnel help the IT team to find solutions in a flexible and constructive way.

Professional partner needed

“I can really sleep soundly now,” says an enthusiastic Bart Verschooren. As Team Leader IT Service Desk at Q8 in Belgium and the Netherlands, he has ultimate responsibility for the service desk. “The Cheops personnel make me feel that we are sharing the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the service desk. I find that very reassuring.”

Things were different in the past. The previous service desk partner proved unable to follow up on everything efficiently. Result: the problems remained. At one point, there were no less than 260 unresolved tickets. Moreover, there was hardly any documentation. Everything kept piling up, there was insufficient supervision and poor communication. In addition, it took too long to ring the alarm bells. Bart Verschooren: “It was clear that we had to change to a better organised, professional partner.”

Flexible implementation of service contract

So the Cheops personnel at Q8's in-house service desk deliver more than what is expected of them. “They also go beyond the service contract,” says Bart Verschooren. “In this way, we get much more service than strictly foreseen. The benefits work in both directions. We can count on people who are flexible and for them, it keeps the job interesting and more varied, so that they are always motivated and work with great drive. Incidentally, we have an agreement with Cheops for guaranteed minimum staffing levels, so a replacement is provided if, for example, someone is ill or leaves. We haven't needed that service yet.”

Thinking along solution-focused lines

The fast resolution of IT problems is very important for Q8. If they drag on for too long, it has an impact anyway: not only on the end users’ efficiency and productivity, but also on sales and even the production processes can be disrupted when crucial systems malfunction.

“In the past, for example, we had problems with a planning tool for scheduling workers at a production facility,” says Bart Verschooren. “The people from Cheops now solve these kinds of problems for us as a priority. We have of course also established SLAs and every month there is a Service Delivery Meeting. There too we notice Cheops’ desire to find solutions with us in a structured and solution-focused way, without imposing anything. It makes these meetings very pleasant.”

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