Cheops expands its range
of services with Wim Hufkens
as Director Professional Services

Cheops expands its range of services with Wim Hufkens as Director Professional Services

IT specialist Cheops has appointed Wim Hufkens as Director Professional Services. He will further expand the range of services and work to accelerate growth after the corona crisis. “The plan is to double my department in four years' time,” says Wim Hufkens.

For Cheops, the recruitment of Wim Hufkens is a great addition to the management team. Wim has an extensive knowledge of the sector and as an experienced manager he will work alongside Kenny Dierickx, who is responsible for Managed Services at Cheops.

“We at Professional Services deliver the right person with the right skills to the right place for our customers,” says Wim Hufkens. “This can be for the short or long term. My main task at Cheops will be to achieve growth as soon as the economy recovers from the current crisis. To do this, we are following a multi-year plan with different pillars.”

Expansion of services, customers and employees

Wim wants to give Cheops customers even more clarity on the range of services on offer. The professional services will include increasingly more strategic IT services. “We not only have service desk staff and system engineers, but also profiles such as network and security specialists, cloud administrators and specialised software engineers,” he says. “In addition, I want to expand the customer portfolio by acquiring more customers in regions other than Antwerp and in particular in the Brussels and Ghent regions. I will also tailor the recruitment of new employees more to our customers.”

A strong organisational structure

In order to achieve these ambitions, Wim intends to strongly structure the Professional Services department of Cheops as a well-oiled machine with three main components: the commercial staff, the talent managers and the recruiters. “By working in a more structured way, we can give our customers an even better and more stable service, and provide them with the right skills tailored to their specific needs.”

Driven by people as well as numbers

Wim's vision fits in well with the Cheops DNA. “I am very enterprising and straightforward,” he says of himself. “That is why I prefer an organisational structure with clear roles and processes, so that you can respond quickly and communicate directly. I am very driven by structure and numbers but at the same time I am very people-oriented – I want to be very accessible to everyone. As an organisation, Cheops builds on its human capital, so it is very important for me to develop that further.”

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