Meet Steven,
System Engineer

Meet Steven,
System Engineer

Our staff telling their stories. To find out more about what motivates them, we asked them about their role at Cheops and what their personal ambitions and interests are. Discover Steven's story.

What do you do at Cheops?

I work as an external consultant in a team of seven. Specifically, for half the time I do first-line support for all kinds of standard problems. The rest of the time I am free to work out what could be improved. My expertise is in Microsoft products.

How did you end up at Cheops?

For me, the passion for IT came from my hobby. I like to play computer games, and always wanted to know why something worked in a certain way. That curiosity is quite important. Even today. It is essential that you keep searching for innovation and keep up to date with technology. I studied my passion and have a bachelor's degree in System and Network Management. As soon as I had my degree, I applied for a job at Cheops and it immediately matched.

What’s your personal ambition?

My ambition is to get additional certification. Cheops supports this goal as well, but of course you have to do the studying yourself, in your own time. I think that the greatest strength of Cheops lies in the fact that we are all experts in our own fields. There are few companies that are so focused on the know-how of people and placing talent where it flourishes best.

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