Meet Jurgen,
Software Engineer

Meet Jurgen,
Software Engineer

Our staff telling their stories. To find out more about what motivates them, we asked them about their role at Cheops and what their personal ambitions and interests are. Discover Jurgen’s story.

What do you do at Cheops?

Currently I work in a team of seven Java Developers who develop applications for our client's IT. As a Software Engineer it is important that you can make the link between the functional requirements and how you translate that into an application. You have to dare to question things in order to arrive at the best solutions.

How did you end up at Cheops?

I have a Bachelor in Electronics ICT, which is certainly useful to get to grips with the basics, but you will learn the specific programming language afterwards on the job. I chose Cheops because it is a company that takes into account who you are as a person and what you find important. So far, that has been a very good choice for me.

What is your personal ambition?

It is the technology that connects the passion for my job and for playing DJ. I find it fascinating to see how fast the world of applications is evolving, and thanks to my job I have the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends. Even as a DJ, how mixing panels work and so on, that requires insight into technology. In my spare time I am a DJ and I regularly play at events. Since childhood I have been fascinated by technology and music. I could listen to music and sort out songs for hours. It started with a small turntable, but it got a bit out of hand. And of course there must be a passion for music.

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