Meet Bob, Service
Delivery Manager

Meet Bob, Service
Delivery Manager

Our staff telling their stories. To find out more about what motivates them, we asked them about their role at Cheops and what their personal ambitions and interests are. Discover Bob's story.

What do you do at Cheops?

My job is all about customer satisfaction. I manage about 30 customers in the Managed Services department and I meet them on a quarterly basis to evaluate the service. In fact, I am the face of Operations for the customer and the face of the customer for Operations.

How did you end up at Cheops?

After completing my bachelor's degree in Electronics & ICT, I started working as a new graduate at Cheops in 2013 at the Service Desk and I made very rapid progress. Since 2017 I have been doing Service Delivery Management. The great thing about Cheops is that I have already enjoyed incredible opportunities here, and I am well aware that there is nowhere else where I could have started as a Service Delivery Manager at that age.

What’s your personal ambition?

In addition to work, I think it is also important to be able to do something for society. That is why, in addition to my job, one day I would like to work as a volunteer for the fire service. The adventurous nature of it and the fact that you can give something back – that appeals to me.

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