Managed Services for a secure, flexible IT environment at Incofin

Managed Services for a secure, flexible IT environment at Incofin

Incofin Investment Management (Incofin), a leader in impact investing, has doubled its workforce in recent years (mainly at the international level), and is currently employing more than 100 people. Given Incofin’s financial activities, a reliable IT infrastructure that evolves securely and flexibly in step with the organisation’s evolution is indispensable. That is why, several years ago, Incofin embarked on a partnership with Cheops for crucial IT services, including proactive management of the workplace and end users, a hybrid cloud environment and security services.

“ The number of employees has doubled in just four years. During this entire time, Cheops has proven its worth as our dedicated IT partner. They are able to continually respond to our evolving needs and growth ambitions.”

  • Kenneth Willemsen, Head of Technology and Operational Excellence at Incofin

IT is of strategic importance for a company like Incofin, as the organisation operates at the intersection of transactions and information exchange between investors, projects and investees. This means Incofin works with critical data that must always be available, with robust data security. Incofin therefore invests heavily in Managed IT services to achieve its operational activities and growth ambitions.

Maximum IT security: 24/7 monitoring through Managed SOC and Managed Security Awareness

Cheops’s Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) offers Incofin 24/7 monitoring for maximum security. This proactive security solution eliminates the need for expensive or lastminute interventions as a result of threats or malicious acts, because Cheops’s security experts take action before a threat escalates. This puts the minds of Incofin – for whom water-tight security is an absolute must – at ease.

“Cybersecurity is continually evolving. Thanks to the SOC we can be sure that we keep up with the latest developments,” says Kenneth Willemsen. “The emergence of AI presents major new challenges in terms of IT security, meaning we will have to contend with all kinds of phishing techniques that are difficult to identify. Here too, we will rely on Cheops for assistance and support."

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Discover how our partnership with Incofin has contributed to a secure, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure that supports their rapid growth.

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