Induver implements ‘New Way of Working’ with outsourced IT management

Induver implements ‘New Way of Working’ with outsourced IT management

To facilitate more efficient work and collaboration, risk adviser and insurance broker induver recently decided to standardise its IT across its four branches. Employee workstations were given a thorough update and support is now provided proactively and remotely. Cheops is induver’s strategic IT partner, optimising the company’s infrastructure, applications, and management to ensure the company is ready for further growth.

In recent years, induver relied on a central Citrix environment and thin clients for the IT management of its four branches. The end users, however, found that this solution was hitting its limits in terms of reliability and flexibility and that it was slowing them down. “That is why we set out to modernise our IT facilities across all branches, ensuring that everyone had access to the same powerful, flexible functionality”, says Rudi Ronzani, Data & ICT Director at induver. As he is solely responsible for IT, it is even more crucial that induver’s 130 IT users receive the best, most efficient support possible.

Remote collaboration

“We decided to switch to the New Way of Working (NWOW), with all that it implies, including remote collaboration”, says Ronzani. “The pandemic has accelerated this transformation. Before then, we did not have the equipment or solutions to work from home or hold online meetings.”

So induver went in search of a project partner, settling on Cheops soon after. “We considered various partners but ultimately Cheops convinced us because of the approach and services they proposed, their thorough preparation, and their expertise”, says Rudi Ronzani.

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Learn how Induver implements the ‘New Way of Working’ with outsourced IT management.

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