Cheops registers strong growth

Cheops is hiring more than 75 new staff this year

Cheops can look back on another year of strong and sustainable growth. In 2016 the company generated a turnover of 23.5 million euros, or a 27 percent increase compared to the preceding year. Cheops intends to hire over 75 new staff this year to help consolidate this growth.

“Technology is becoming more and more important but also more complex. That is why, more than ever, companies are looking for a reliable partner that will enable them to keep developing their business without being overtaken by new technology or being held back by outdated technology”, says Filip Goos, CEO of Cheops. “The trust of our clients and our strategy of sustainable growth are based on this added value.”

Last year, the Cheops model IT-as-a-Service continued to make inroads into the Belgian market. More and more companies are choosing not to invest in software, hardware or IT expertise themselves, preferring instead to use them as a service. For Cheops, the growing demand for specialised IT services such as managed services, cloud services and managed staffing resulted in a 45 percent boost in these activities. New agreements have been concluded with a number of companies including Care, Covestro, EV-Box, MSC, Ontex, Otis and Rio Tinto.

Cheops took several key steps last year to meet the needs of both clients and the market. The recent opening of the new Zaventem branch makes it easier for Cheops to service its clients in the Brussels region and support the growth of its activities there. In addition, Cheops’ takeover of industry partner IT-flex expanded their range of services to help companies better gear their applications and infrastructure to each other.

Cheops’ sustainable growth continues in 2017. To support this growth, Cheops is hiring more than 75 new staff this year, with a focus on IT profiles such as network, system and support engineers and Java and .NET consultants. To further upgrade its customer service, Cheops is also expanding its service offering in terms of applications, cloud, security and mobility. The company also continues to invest in the fourth generation of its own cloud infrastructure. Finally, Cheops is also looking into opportunities for another takeover in order to stengthen their service offering and their geographical presence.

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